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i could paint the sky wiff you's Journal

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i could paint the sky wiff you

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[09 Mar 2004|04:56pm]



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[ twisted ] [20 Dec 2003|02:50pm]

[ mood | bored ]

yea well, i have no idea wtf this is.. someone explain, for I am the clueless one:) yeah wipe that smile off my face. fuck.

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COMMUNITY OR NO COMMUNITY...? that is the Question [11 Mar 2003|01:37pm]

ok heres the deal;
This is not by any means an advertisment. This is to notify all lj users in communities that i am a part of... or just simply my lj friends that I (xthosewordsx) will be creating a new community for everyone to use. It will be a community all about arts, such as writing, painting, drawing... anything considered ART. This community is completely run by you *the lj users* the only thing i run is adding friends and modifying the backgrounds and colors and what not. This community will be made up of the writer's *the lj users* and everyone sharing there thoughts by comments. It will not be used to slander the writer... (mainly on the fact that what the person writes is ART and I'm sure everyone will agree that art is an expression and we as people and artists, do not believe that our thoughts and feeling are right or wrong. Nor can ART be graded on. Yes, you are to share your opinions, but basically just respect eachother complete to the way that you would like to be respected. Otherwise.. DO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU PLEASE IN MY COMMUNITY.
This community will be used and viewed at your own risk so please keep that in mind.
but please just for the respect of all others (male or female) NO pornography... thats all i ask..

This Community about to be made within the next week will be completely run by you
the lj users.

If you believe that this will be something that you are interested in: please go to my lj
user: xthosewordsx

comment yes or no in my entry titled

"COMMUNITY OR NO COMMUNITY that is the question"
it will explain the idea a little further

once i have at least 50 people agreeing to join then that is when i will create this community for all of you. Please comment in my lj and let me know your thoughts. Also, remember to tell your friends that you are all welcome in. Get your friends friends to join.
You dont have to write at all. Maybe you'll just wanna sit back and read or just share your thoughts. theres nothing holding you back. Feel free to join just for the hell of it. This will be for you all. No matter writer, painter, sculpter, photographer anything... Or just the simple passer-by

*also feel free to just add my lj to your friends list if this community isnt for you. but like i said... theres nothing holding you back.
comment and let me know so i can tally up all those to be added as friends.
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[06 Mar 2003|08:25am]

I'm the new kid.
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Do me a favour, you sexy ladies, you! [16 Dec 2002|06:32am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I just spent a helluva lot of time redesigning my journal.
Click Here.
Take the time out to check it out and comment.
I know its hard to read, but that much probably won't change.
I used some pictures off of the Poison The Well website, and made up a snazzy background.
So, let me know what you think.

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Add some spice to the variety of life that is x The Colour Of Emo x [24 Oct 2002|08:13am]
[ mood | tired ]

I'm going to do the strangest thing, something I've never done, because I hate when people do it to me.
I'm going to make a questionaire! Deal with it.
I could lj cut it, but then you suckahs would never read it.
So. Once again, deal with it.

I stopped...my head hurts far too much for this. So just post something you want everyone in their utter hotness to know. kthx

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Random things [21 Oct 2002|08:22pm]

Ive been really depressed lately, its horrible. But anyways, Im posting here to make myself feel somewhat better...
1.Define Emo for me, I get asked all the time, and all I can say is its short for emotional.
2.Name some emo bands.
I dont know what else to post. Its just the fuckers in my Math class always giving me crap about being "emo" and i keep telling them, im not effin emo. I don't even know any emo bands for crying out loud. Emo kids would think I was a poser, which is why I dont identify myself with any friggin label, cuz I don't know what the hell I am. I mean, I identify my thoughts and the way I feel with emo, but I dont listen to any of the music...weird, I know....

Ok, this didn't help...I still feel like dying...
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[20 Oct 2002|12:40pm]

hey guys. i think you should check this band out , they are great!

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[04 Oct 2002|10:07pm]

cutest guy = a guy wearing black rimms
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Sparta Show in L.A. [30 Sep 2002|02:29pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

If any of you know how I may attain 2 tickets for the Sparta show at the Roxy on October 14, I would truely be grateful. The show has officially sold out and I have a friend who is a dedicated fan and would give anything to go with her sister.


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hm [25 Sep 2002|11:03am]

[ mood | bored ]

people dont update that often here huh?

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13th member to join, w00t [22 Sep 2002|12:49pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

well, found this from the community "oreos" i forgot the tag code for making links for communities, it's way too early for me...

i like all kinds of music, and i had an idea like this but i wanted to called it colorofpunk but i didn't know if i should or if i could even get a free code from somewhere.

from chicago, so if you are too comment and such.

welcome me.

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Hello [22 Sep 2002|11:08am]
I'm the new kid on the block, I mean journal *waves to all the nice people*
My mom says random stuff to me like, "You need to go to church and stop listening to that mess." and "OOoOOO turn that shit off!!"..... along with other shit I hate to hear from her.. Why does she Irks me so! To her it's like it's morally wrong to listen to anything outside of R&B and Soul... She'd rather me listen to some bullshit r&b artist like Ashanti (can't stand her ass!) Ughh. Her and every body else on Murder inc... if you like them sorry =[
What was my point....
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All that talk about BOOBS... [18 Sep 2002|09:58pm]

tune into the boob tubeCollapse )
I got that shirt for a buck last weekend.
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meow [17 Sep 2002|07:11pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

im not emo...
i dont identify with anything really.
but i am here anyway... i saw this advertised in houstontx.
hmm i've got a question...
what are your top 5 songs of the moment.

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[17 Sep 2002|11:38am]

[ mood | awake ]

yes well i found this community through...well i forget now but it seems like a lovely place.

ill be your friend if you be mine

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[17 Sep 2002|12:55am]

hihi i'm lis and i am one of the few asians that likes emo. i'm trying to get to know some of the smaller bands that's not out on the big scene, and i hope u ppl can help me out ^^;;
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[16 Sep 2002|11:38pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

*prays this community will be a fuckin' success*

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[16 Sep 2002|11:33pm]

i'm white, but i still think the idea behind this community rocks.
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I'm new! I'm new! [17 Sep 2002|12:33am]

But no one hears me screaming it...

I'm Gerrica, just put a G on Erica, and thats me.

I like Sparta and wearing shirts too small for me.

Makes your boobs look nice and PERKY.

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